Magic Kingdom - Disney World - Florida

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The side view of Cinderella's Castle

Disney World is by far one of my favorite places to visit. I love the food, the rides and the atmosphere. I mean what's not to love about the "Happiest Place on Earth".

Ok, well maybe the prices.

The prices can knock the breath out of you sometimes but other than that, I'm all for a trip to the house of mouse.

We drove down to Disney World at the end of February for a few days for a conference and got a little "VIP" treatment with a fantastic deal for a weekend stay at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and Media Fast passes.  This means that I got to stay at a hotel that I normally couldn't afford and we were able to hope on tons of rides without much of a wait.

Thomas and I brought my brother and his girlfriend along for the trip and we had a blast.

Sounds great right? Well it was, except now I'm going to spoiled haha. Next time we go to Disney World it won't be as "fancy" haha.

I wrote a bit about our trip over on, ok really I just talked about the food, sorry.

I didn't really get a chance to talk about anything else other than the food, although I had planned on writing a lot more about our trip.

You want to listen to me ramble about Disney, right? I mean that's why you're here. Right? Just say, Yes.

I could literally talk/write about Disney for hours but I'll try not to be quite that annoying in this post.


One of my favorite attraction in the Magic Kingdom is The Haunted Mansion. I love it.

I love the spooky nature, the story with Master Gracey, the doom buggies and the hitchhiking ghost.

The Haunted Mansion

I love it so much that when we move into the new apartment, I'm going to decorate our master bathroom in "Haunted Mansion/The Nightmare Before Christmas". Psst- did you know that Disneyland in California decorates their Haunted Mansion with a The Nightmare Before Christmas theme for Halloween?!

The Haunted Mansion at Disney World

I have to make it out there one year! I bet that it's fantastic! But until then I'll just enjoy our Haunted Mansion on the east coast.

Other than the Haunted Mansion, I really love Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain. However, the lines can be super long for these two rides. I totally recommend grabbing Fast Passes for that.

Oh and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! Don't miss this one! This year was the first time that we got to ride it (it opened in 2014) and it's pretty high on my list now!


The Crocodile

For the parades during the day, depending on what time of year you're there are not quite as busy as the night time parade. 

When we were there we got "front row" viewing area at the last minute down Main Street Confectionery  at the end of Main Street U.S.A. 

Snow White in the Parade

There are Fast Pass options for the day time parades but I personally don't think they're worth it. 

Maleficent As A Dragon

However, if you want a good viewing area for the parade at night, I suggest getting tickets for the Fast Pass viewing area or getting to your spot an hour in advance. I know that's crazy. People will run you over and knock you out of the way for parade viewing spots. 

We found our spot about an hour and 30 minutes before the Main Street Electrical Parade started and I held our spot while Thomas ran and got our food. He grabbed some Pot Roast Macaroni & Cheese and hot dogs The Friar's Nook (which is through the castle and to the right) and brought it back to me. We just sat there (yes, on the ground) and ate our dinner while we waited.

Our little spot was right in front of the castle behind the handicap rope. We also befriended the cast members that were in charge of the handicap area and they actually made sure that no one stood in front of us. They were awesome!

So pick your spots early, hold onto them and befriend the cast members near by!


If you watch the parade from a spot neat the front of the castle, DON'T MOVE when the parade is over! This is the perfect spot to watch Celebrate the Magic and Wishes Nighttime Spectacular!!
I bought a pair of Minnie Ears before the parade and they changed colors and blinked with the soundtrack for Celebrate the Magic! Totally worth it haha.

There is also a Fast Pass option for the fireworks but to be honest I wouldn't waste my Fast Pass on those either. The Wishes fireworks are shot so high in the air that you can see them perfectly without being in the Fast Pass Section!

Fireworks at the Castle

That's going to be it for today's ramblings! Got any Disney questions? Let me know and I'll try to answer them for you!